fig1AIDer is a mobile robot platform for exploration intramural office delivery at minimal costs. It was on loan at CI from Advanced Motion Control (AMC), that is a local manufacturer of serves for robotic applications. Mechanically, the robot was designed and constructed by CalPoly. The CI team worked on the software aspects of the robot.

AIDeR has a very limited set of sensors for navigation: right side detectors of the distance from the wall (so it can always stay at a certain distance), and a frontal 2D LIDAR laser scanner for detecting shapes such as turns and intersections. The side sensors are used to provide a real-time feedback to a controller that corrects the position of the robot so it stays at a constant distance from the wall [1]. Higher-level navigation in AIDer is based on following paths that consist of a series of intervals between certain landmarks [2]. In an environment lacking GPS, identification of environmental cues is a critical low-level task necessary for recognizing the landmarks [3]. The frontal laser- scanner in AIDer serves that purpose. Each scan produces a sequence of measurements that differ dfig2epending on the shape of the surrounding walls. The scan results are graphed using angles on the x axis and the measured distances on the y axis. Due to the range limitations of the laser scanner, certain measurement may be read as zeros; that is visible as a sudden drop in the curve shown in the graph.

The work included also capstone projects. One was to develop a Web based a request management system that allowed customers to order delivery services from the robot [4]. In the second capstone project, an Android-based remote controller was implemented for the robot [5].

This line of research is carried over in the ciNeuroBot projects that uses much smaller, and manageable robots to explore goal oriented behaviors.


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