Dr. Andrzej (A.J.) Bieszczad brought to CI multidimensional expertise from academia and industry from Poland, Canada, and USA. Prior to CI, he was a professor at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, and at California State University Northridge, where he taught computer science and engineering courses. He also worked in research and development departments of several leading computer and telecommunications companies including Alcatel, Bell-Northern Research (Nortel Networks), and Bell Laboratories (Lucent). Dr. Bieszczad’s career includes a stint as a Chief Technology Officer and a Vice-President of Engineering of a startup company.

Throughout his career spanning a wide range of Computer Science fields, Dr. Bieszczad worked on numerous state-of-the-art research and development projects pioneering digital telephony, fault analysis and management, expert systems, mobile code and intelligent agents for network management, neural networks, Semantic Web, and multimedia surveillance. The large component of Dr. Bieszczad’s doctorate research, and ultimately his dissertation, was based on his passion for sub-symbolic Artificial Intelligence deriving ideas from Neuroscience and Cognitive Science. Dr. Bieszczad received numerous grants in support of his research including funds from NSERC, NRC, TRIO/CITO, Nortel Networks, Haas Corporation, and CI. He was also supported by private capital in starting up a surveillance company. Dr. Bieszczad presented the findings of his research at many scientific gatherings and in numerous publications.

As a seasoned programmer, who programmed professionally in several programming languages, Dr. Bieszczad enjoys teaching students the secrets of the trade. At CI, Dr. Bieszczad promotes substantial hands-on approaches that both reinforce the theory and build practical skill sets. Dr. Bieszczad enjoys conducting research in collaboration with students through capstone projects and graduate studies.